Podcast: 15 tips for entrepreneurs and business leaders

Do you know how to evaluate whether a business idea is good or not? Are you seeking guidance on how to attract venture capitalists, or if you should finance your business via crowdfunding? In the latest episode of Nordea’s Nordic business podcast, Get Savvy, we have gathered the savviest learnings from all our guests. 

Get Savvy is Nordea’s business podcast, where we focus on one growth-related topic each week. This podcast is supported by Nordea Startup & Growth, Nordea Connect and Nordea Markets.

We want our listeners to get business savvy and street smart by learning from the masters. Experts in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, technology and social impact are invited to the podcast to share their stories and learnings.

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In Nordea’s business podcast, Get Savvy, we meet experts within e-commerce, tech and social impact to offer a platform for storytelling, learning and sharing expertise among Nordic business leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this podcast episode, we close the books after Get Savvy’s first season, in which you will hear our guests’ savviest recommendations and learnings. The episode will offer you: 

15 tips for entrepreneurs and business leaders

  1. Saeid Esmaeilzadeh – How you identify a great business idea
  2. Magnus Omstedt – How to successfully launch your e-commerce in Asia
  3. Jimmy Widén – What you shouldn’t miss when starting a business abroad
  4. Aleksandar Goga and Caroline Lidman – How to make your business grow
  5. Tommy Palm – How to attract venture capitalists
  6. Jannik Lawaetz – Why you should use crowd source funding
  7. Tove Larsson and Agate Freimane – How Norrsken’s venture capitalists evaluate your business
  8. Michel Issa – How to grow your business network
  9. Erik Gatenholm – Magic tricks to build a strong sales culture
  10.  Camilla Björkman – Meaningful leadership skills under uncertainty
  11.  Joakim Hartzell and James Sleater – How to leverage business heritage while digitizing the customer experience
  12.  Johan Svanberg – Disrupting an established industry? This is how you know you are on the right track.
  13.  Sara Öhman – How to digitize your customer journey
  14.  Markus Sandström – How to boost your online sales via SEO
  15.  Joanna Swica –  Why influencer marketing is a vitamin injection to your online sales


Get Savvy will be back in the fall with a fresh new season! Until then, suggest a topic or guest to getsavvy@nordea.com and don’t forget to subscribe!

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